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Mr. Duane Campbell
1957- 2017 In 1957 Duane Campbell attended Repperts College of Auctioneering in Decatur, Indiana setting the stage for a family business that has spanned 3 generations. During these 60 years oh my how the business has changed! The old days when the cashier set up in the corner of the parlor in the house, the Auctioneer sold w/o a PA system, the Church ladies served lunch and homemade pies out of the tobacco stripping room and everybody in town was there because you’d read the sale bill in your local paper, which was the only source for news except for the barber shop.
The tractor we Sold for a farmer this past weekend brought more than an entire estate did including the farm in 1957! Now days it’s wireless microphones, computers, internet, email and more! Our Auction business has 7 Auctioneers available, multiple websites, and licenses in several states. We have people who bid online and text and email. Its how the world has changed and we’ve changed with it. So you see…. You can teach an ‘Ol Dog new tricks! We just took our well know Real Estate business (Campbell’s Frontier Realty) and merged with one of the largest regional companies Sibcy Cline to address the demands of a technologically changing real estate industry. We’ve never been busier or better exposed to the world. There are no Auctioneers in Southern Ohio who even come close to “Crying” the number of auctions that we have. There are no Auctioneers who have won the number of state, local and even world competitions as we have. And there are no Auctioneers on Earth that would be more proud to have your Auction than The family of the man who started it all 60 years ago…… Campbell Auctioneers
The “Campbell Group” of Sibcy Cline Realtors

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